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The remote controlled Schwamborn DSM800RC Grinder makes work simpler, removes fatigue and repetitive strain risks, and takes your productivity in preparation and polishing to a completely advanced level.

With simple hand controls, the Schwamborn Remote Controlled has been designed to improve your grinding experience on site significantly. With no extra fancy features, you get exactly what you need on this remote controlled grinder to ensure MAXIMUM grinding performance.

Designed, engineered and carefully constructed, this is truly in line with “living the dream”. You don’t need to work harder for a living – just work smarter. With the Schwamborn Remote Controlled Floor Grinder, you’re always in control!



 We don’t set limits for your performance. That’s why this German designed, engineered and built Schwamborn DSM800RC has all the features it needs to drive you to success:


  • Remote control operation
  • Display with power indicator
  • High-performance load gearbox
  • Automatic Tool Adaptation (DIF) – for better performance and results on uneven floors
  • Anti-shock transmission mounting (ASD) – reduced machine vibration for a smoother grind
  • ETX-2 Diamond Carrier plate for Knock on Diamond shoes
  • Special Transport Wheels
  • Individually adjustable grinding pressure
  • 180-degree turning manoeuvres

Production, performance, perfection – that says it all for this Remote Controlled DSM800RC Three phase Concrete Grinder.



Schwamborn Remote controlled concrete grinder

The Schwamborn DSM800RC Remote Controlled was designed and built for harsh, heavy, tough grinding, and there’s no machine more suited than the DSM800RC.  Why?

  • Built tough – Rugged, durable and heavy-duty, this Remote Controlled Grinder DSM800RC is streamline in design and ensures performance across the toughest and roughest of floor preparation jobs every time.
  • 13mm removal coating in a single pass – with the right diamonds you can grind and remove concrete floor coatings in a single pass with this Remote Controlled Concrete Grinder, meaning you finish the job sooner!

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The engineering behind this machine will allow it to cope with the extreme removal of coatings when using the BARRACUDA PCD shoes. Schwamborn three-headed planetary grinding system allows you to attach up to 9 diamonds of any style so that you can grind any surface on-site. Saddle weights also let you adjust grinding pressure as needed.

Removal of 13mm is possible with the BARRACUDA system, and it’s designed for ONE PASS removal.


The DSM800RC Remote controlled concrete floor grinder in use on an outdoor worksite

Built by professionals for professionals. Schwamborn has been in the industry more than 85 years and knows what matters when it comes to concrete floor preparation.

  • Built to make easy work. Despite its size and weight, the DSM800RC is surprisingly easy to transport, thanks to its special transport wheels and ergonomic design. The machine has been counter-balanced meaning changing the diamonds on site is a quick and easy process.



Schwamborn remote control800mm grinder

Schwamborn Grinders boast the ability to change diamonds according to the intensity of the floor at hand. From grinding off thick glues, adhesives, membranes and coatings (up to 13mm in a single pass) to levelling, polishing and preparing stone, concrete and terrazzo floors, your new Schwamborn Remote Controlled Grinder keeps you striding ahead, helping you produce faster floor prep on larger projects, and get your floors flatter than before.

With the transport guiding wheel and micro control when grinding to the edge, you can produce precise finishes to any floor easily.

remote controlled diamond grinder concrete Schwamborn

Cruise control, auto swing left/ right, Auto Trim steering and Zero Turn are just some of the smart features available at your fingertips. These controls ensure you get a uniform grinding finish on every project. The controls also show the tool and movement speed at all times, so you’re always in charge!

Auto battery charging during working conditions ensures constant battery power, while the display with power indications give optimum diamond selection and grinding performance. The battery drive, meanwhile, makes unloading and loading the remote controlled grinder easier than ever.



Schwamborn grinder remote controlled DSM800 concrete

That’s the way you should work, and that’s exactly what the Schwamborn Floor Grinding System lets you do. Schwamborn Grinding shoes are designed to give you everything you need to do your job efficiently on site. With the widest range of bonds and grit in shoes, you can meet the needs of every type of surface, from the softest coverings to the hardest floors.

You can also use the following diamond tooling and scarifier attachments with the Schwamborn DSM800RC;

  • Knock on Diamond shoes – save time by changing diamonds quickly and easily. Its knock-on, knock-off system lets you install or remove diamonds on the fly, depending on what you need for the task at hand.
  • Resin bond diamond polishing pads – comes in different sizes and grits for more accurate grinding and polishing
  • PCD Barracuda Turbo shoes – specially designed shoes for the BARRACUDA System that make grinding faster and more efficient when removing the thick concrete floor coatings, adhesives, membranes or epoxies.



Want to discuss how you can get your hands on one of these high-performance grinders? All Preparation Equipment is only a phone call away – call us on 1800 422 992 today.

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