The concrete polishing, grinding, drilling and cutting industry is ever evolving. With the dvelopement of new tooling, different grinding equipment and finishing processes over the past years Slurry Solutions LLC has evolved with it.

Helping in the process of grinding and polishing, Slurry Solutions has 3 key products which save time in the cutting process, aid in the clean up process and keep the tooling clean to aid in lifting the slurry off the floor. These products are,





Slurry water is created during the wet polishing and grinding process and requires a process to ensure efficient and effective clean up of tooling and product. If it is not disposed of correctly and safely potential envinronmental fines may be issued which is why the growing demand for our new product range SLURRY SOLUTIONS LLC.


In some applications the Slurry Solutions products partnering SlurrySAFE ARSlurryDRY and SlurrySEP FLOC can eliminate the need for dry grinding altogether.


In saying this the need for a wet and dry concrete vacuum and decent squeegee frame come as an essential means of the cleanup as there is concrete slurry waste water to deal with in the process.


In the cutting, coring and drilling game contractors are often working on vertical surfaces. Dust is a major health hazard for both the operator and thouse around site which is why SlurrySAFE is a game changer in the process creating a high amount of concrete waste water and slurry to deal with.

Alongside the cutting process and SlurrySAFESlurryDRY is designed to clean up and control the slurry product piling it into an area where it forms a gel or bead type texture that can be scooped up and disposed of thorugh any standard bag or bin system.

This product can be left to sit and treated with SlurrySEP FLOC which separates the solids and water of the concrete slurry leaving clean water which can be used again – and the solids being safely disposed of .

The clean water separated from the mix can then be used again by the saws or coring machines as a safe solution that’ is able to be disposed of. If the product is not dealt with then and there onsite the concrete slurry can become a larger hassle, meaning you have to transport it off site in IBC drums or larger carrying facilities to then process back in the factory of offsite before being safe to dispose of.

By dealing with the concrete slurry onsite you can reducethe risk, lower labour costs and ensure your projects are cleaned up and processes dealt with timely.

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