The Pelican, is the personal assistant to the Mega Hippo Mixing Station. Proudly being the stockists of the Portamix Hippo, we're introducing the new Pelican Hippo cart - manufactured in New Zealand. ..

The Pelican is designed as a transportation cart for your levelling compound, leaving the Mega Hippo Mixer to mix the next batch. On larger floor levelling projects where moving bulk product quickly from the mixing station to the application area is so important, the Pelican and Mega Hippo make a fantastic working pair.

A perfect example of this method is on a recent project in Taiwan with CTS RapidSet TRU from USA. The Portamix Pelicans and Mega Hippos (supplied from American reseller CS Unitec) were used together as an ultra-fast method of mixing and spreading self-levelling compound.  To streamline the process on site, the 80L Portamix Mega Hippo Mixers were used at a stationary mixing station while the Pelicans were used to transport the compound to the application area.

Stirred by Innovation, the Portamix Pelican Cart gives you the opportunity to raise your productivity to the next level, helping you to finish the job right, on time, every time.

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