Every construction site has dust. That’s why Portable Air cleaners or air purifiers. Dust Control Air Cleaners, make for cleaner air on construction sites.

Alongside the trusty range of DustControl SE Vacuum Systems and Dust Extraction units, All Preparation Equipment stocks a range of Air cleaners and purifiers.

DC AirCube Air Cleaners

There is an extremely simple way of decreasing dust in a working environment. The DC Aircube is designed to improve the general site air quality and as a complement to source extraction.

  • Hook it up to electricity and have it cleaning the air, day and night.
  • Air is filtrated continuously by the large area HEPA filter.
  • Makes for a safer, cleaner worksite. All day, every day.


The DC AirCube is an air cleaner which is suitable for many applications. By circulating the air through a highly efficient HEPA filter, the air in the room is cleaned by removing the hazardous airborne dust that is harmful to health. The most dangerous particles are those that are so small that they are invisible to the eye.

The DC AirCube is designed to separate fine and hazardous dusts down to 0.3 microns. An example of such particulate could be quartz dust, which is found in concrete, brick, grout and mortar. When hammering, wall grinding, concrete grinding, demolition work, kitchen and bathroom renovations, and general construction, the AirCube is an ideal solution.

It is also a popular choice in other applications including internal demolition, defit and stripout projects, workshops, carpentry projects and much more where the air purifier / cleaner can suck away the dirt and dust and purifier into clean air you want to be breathing again.

The heavier the dust being created, the larger or more effective the unit needs to be.

By circulating the air through a highly efficient HEPA Filter the air in the room is cleaned from airborne dust.


One of several Dust Control DC Air Cubes can be mounted into the ceiling which is often the most effective solution in long term working areas including carpentry or wood working stores or in a bakery where there is a lot of fine, airborne dust.


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