Often during renovations or refurbishments existing floors need to be protected from dust, dirt and damage. In the Cannon Hill Anglican Colledge, Sports hall the rubber floor covering product required protection during a multi-function catering event.

The challenge was what floor protection would do it right.

MDF Board – Recommended as a heavy duty protection material for high traffic or heavy impact areas, completely buffering fragile surfaces during demolition works and from tools and equipment during construction

Polyweave – This double laminated polythene floor protector is woven for superior strength, durability and tear resistance. Recommended as a cost effective solution for all construction projects for surface protection on floor and wall surfaces.

Supabord – the winner. Not only was it one of the easier products to ship, install and lay but it also was going to be the most durable considering only foot traffic. As there was food and drinks going to be around, it was chosen for it’s moisture and spill resistance. Supabord is being used instead of other common prodcuts like Ramboard and MDF Board.


When the sports flooring needed effective temporary floor protection, the answer was in Supabord. With a tight schedule of only a few hours to be able to protect the flooring before the event started, Supabord held the benefits of effective impact protection, standard moisture control, breathable and easy to cut and fold.

If your needing an easy, fast and effective solution for temporary floor protection have a chat to one of the team at All Preparation Equipment who can help recommend a system to ensure maximum cost savings and be sure you get the protection right.

This impressive – recycled cardboard product is being used in kitchens, commercial office fitouts, multilevel apartments and offices, industrial warehouse floors, sports flooring, hospitals, aged care homes and many other areas while refurbishment is taking place to act as a temporary protection.

With one side being natural cardboard color sheeting can be applied with brown cardboard tape to give consistency across the whole floor. Pictured you see the black cloth tape over the Supabord rolls.


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