The DSM250 Made it to the Finish Line

Recently, All Preparation Equipment finished a job that requires efficiency and high-quality dust control. One of Queensland’s largest beverage factories and warehouses was planning to paint its floors with new line markings to improve its safety measures on-site. However, it’s not as simple as it seems since the factory and warehouse house raw ingredients that can be contaminated by dust. Considering the circumstances, All Preparation Equipment recommended the use of the DSM250 grinder paired with 30/40 grit diamonds.



Using the recommended setup, and with the help of our client, Quentin from Pedestrian Access, All Preparation Equipment swung into action right away. This type of job requires speedy work because the longer it takes, the higher the chances of contaminating the ingredients in the warehouse.

The grinding job took 3 weekends on the night shift for the DSM250 to finish the entire warehouse. Line markings were removed completely, and no traces were left.



If you are wondering how we did it without producing any dust in the process, then the answer is we did not. Of course, dust was still produced, but the only difference is that it had no chance to scatter in the open air all thanks to the Starmix Vacuum paired with a Supa Dust Separator.

Another winning combination from All Preparation Equipment, these machines capture the dust produced before it can scatter like the wind. It is then stored within a bag which was later disposed of properly. To make things short, there was no need for a heavy clean-up after the job, all thanks to All Preparation Equipment’s quick thinking and professional experience.


When the need for professional intervention arises, always make sure to talk to the right expert. Our lines at All Preparation Equipment are always open to accommodate your request.

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