Polished concrete floors are growing – from strength to strength with Schwamborn. Here’s a floor recently completed by one of our clients which due to the outstanding result of the finished floor, has given him an abundance of further concrete polishing projects.

Concrete floor polishing is an art. After arriving to site the floor covering was removed, glue ground off, floors levelled, and polishing began. All the skirting boards were removed and the grind was to begin making it easier to grind right along the edges. Initially the 16 Grit soft bond diamonds were put on the Schwamborn concrete floor grinder to grind and cut back the concrete to reveal the aggregate in the floor, followed closely by 40, 80 and 100 Grit diamond grinding shoes. Moving through the stages of diamond grit (16 through to 100grit) the floor came to life, eliminating the fine scratch marks throughout the process, making this polished concrete masterpiece. A concrete sealer was applied, illuminating the concrete and giving the floor the protection it requires.

This process of concrete polishing - using only diamond grinding shoes is often called a 'cut and coat' or also known as 'grind and seal.' This concrete floor didn't look anything special until the Schwamborn concrete grinder took to the floor.

Concrete floor polishing gives flexibility to the finish and look on the floor, the further down you grind the more of the stone in the concrete is exposed. The lower amount of concrete that is ground down the more of a salt and pepper concrete look you'll get. In this floor, the client wanted a lot of the stone to be exposed to showcase as many colours as possible in this awesome floor.

Polished concrete floors turns an ordinary concrete floor into a polished concrete masterpiece !

Here are some initial stages of the concrete floor before it had the attention of the German Built Schwamborn concrete floor grinder to perfect it.

concrete floor grinder schwamborn polished concrete all preparation equipment

Wanting to be able to create floors like this, win new business and grind, polish or level floors to perfection? All Preparation Equipment is here to help. Being the specialist supplier to the construction and flooring industry we’re all about making YOUR TOUGH JOBS EASY. If your interested in finding out how, call 1800 422 992 to discuss.

concrete floor grind and seal husqvarna schwamborn polished

Polishing concrete floors can expose as much or as little of the aggregate or stone in the concrete as you want. The term polished concrete is a decorative concrete floor finish that exposes diamond or stone in the concrete to the final finish. Depending on the type of process, diamond and chemicals used depends on the finish of your floor.

The initial steps taken to polish a concrete floor are critical as they determine how much or how little aggregate is exposed in the concrete floor. Once the desired level of aggregate is exposed from the concrete substrate, the concrete is then polished up using the finer grade diamond grinding and polishing pads. Throughout this process grout is used to fill the pin holes and structural cracks or imperfections in the concrete, followed by densifier to harden and enhance the concrete floor and a concrete sealer or coating to put over the top to seal the concrete floor - and ensure the floor stays easy maintenance.


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