Concrete grinding, abrasive blasting, and stonecutting are just some of the jobs that produce dust in the process. In return, the workers get exposed to harmful silica particles which are harmful to the body once certain levels are reached. Unlike dust at home which ordinary air purifiers can control, workplace dust is different. According to the World Health Organization, and quote, “Whenever people inhale airborne dust at work, they are at risk of occupational disease. Year after year, both in developed and developing countries, overexposure to dust causes disease, temporary and permanent disabilities, and deaths. Dust in the workplace may also contaminate or reduce the quality of products, be the cause of fire and explosion, and damage the environment.” That is why it is important to keep your workplace free from dust. With that being said, there is a new technology that can filter harmful dust to minimize, if not, eliminate the risks that it brings to construction sites and other places. Below are some of the best air purifier for dust used in construction sites and other workplaces.



air cleaner 500 model

First, let’s talk about the DustControl™ Air Cleaner 500. This portable yet robust machine can filter dust from small work areas like bathrooms and small kitchens. The good thing about this machine is its portability since it only weighs around 14kg and can fit in the back of a car. For tiling contractors both in the residential and commercial work sector, this unit is very popular as it doesn’t take up a lot of room when working in smaller and confined spaces, but still helps to improve the air flow and air quality onsite. For tiling contractors both in the residential and commercial work sector, this unit is very popular as it doesn’t take up a lot of room when working in smaller and confined spaces, but still helps to improve the air flow and air quality onsite.

Despite its small size, you can run the Air Cleaner 500 for long periods of time because of its two-speed fan settings which can also save energy costs. With these alone, we can easily say that it is one of the most sought-after and best air cleaners on the market making it a worthy investment.



air cleaner 1200 model

An upgraded version of the previous machine, the DustControl™ Air Cleaner 1200 is a beast when it comes to filtering harmful dust particles. It’s a bigger and better version of the Air Cleaner 500 and is perfect for larger closed areas like the living room and bedroom. It is also perfect for building floors because of the 54ft2 / 0.5m2 G3 HEPA filter area that it can cover. The variable speed function allows it to run throughout the day or night and increase or decrease the power and suction of it while performing different tasks. When jackhammering or removing tiles the air cleaner is designed to be run at a higher speed to help ensure all airborne dust is controlled and purified through the filters to ensure you, your workers or the team around are not breathing it in. 

This air cleaner is highly durable, built from stainless sheet metal, making it resistant to instant damages caused by accidents. It is also a highly efficient purifier because it lets the operator know when it needs a new filter. This is to ensure the air quality won’t drop while using the machine. 



air cleaner 2000 model

Last, but not least is the DustControl™ Air Cleaner 2000. This is the most powerful air purifier for dust on the list, notice 2000 in its name. Basically, it’s the product when you combine the previous two air cleaners above.

Packed with more suction power which makes it great for larger residential and commercial areas, or where multiple trades are working onsite. Frequently an investment with construction companies to have onsite while tilers, carpenters, internal demo trades, plasterers, and painters are on site this larger Air Cleaner 2000 model helps to control airborne dust from any of the trades while keeping the site cleaner, safer and working more efficiently. The exhaust of the air cleaner unit is at the top of the setup, meaning when the dust is purified into clean air it forces clean air out the top to then create a steady air flow and move the dust in the air back to the floor to be purified and circulated. This ensures the remaining dust, or dust continuing to be made from works is not stirred back up. 



Having the right balance between work and safety must always take precedence in any workplace. That is why having at least one safety unit like the Dustcontrol air purifiers is a must, in addition to vacuums, dust shrouds and casings that run on the machine generally. To ensure the highest quality, efficiency and safety in the workplace or jobsite environment any of the Dustcontrol Air Cleaners or Air Purifiers will assist in doing this. 

If you want to discuss your silica dust, tile dust, concrete grinding dust, or construction dust issues onsite and how to control these better, call the team at All Preparation Equipment to assist.
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Sources: World Health Organization: Hazard Prevention and Control in the Work Environment: Airborne Dust

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