Do you own a Satellite 380 floor grinder, and found it too passive to cut and grind?

After being asked by a number of Satellite 380 Floor Grinder owners how to make their machine work better, the All Preparation Equipment Development Team put their heads together and worked out a way for a SATELLITE 380 floor grinder become more productive. From looking at the success of the SCHWAMBORN Concrete Floor Grinders, in particular the DSM400 Grinder, the answer became obvious.

Running a 400mm Conversion plate which runs on the base transforms the Satellite 380 floor Grinder (a 3 headed grinding machine) into a powerful preparation machine, with the correct diamond attachments the grinder will cut through and grind any of your concrete floors, paints, glues, epoxies and remove some of the toughest adhesives on the market.

The 400mm Conversion plate also allows a wider grind across any concrete floor, which also gives a flatter finish, perfect for any vinyl floor layer. Schwamborn Knock on shoes provide the answer with a larger segment ensuring a longer life of the diamonds. Each shoe has a high quality of diamond grit, and are color coded by bond to suit all varying grades of concrete.

(From Very soft to Very hard.)

The Knock on shoe system provides a simple and effective system for changing of diamonds, opposed to the time consuming removal of 7’’ Diamond cup wheels. One of the other advantages to Knock on shoes is that you can change the amount of diamond segments on the plate.

One of the major advantages to the 400mm Conversion plate is that you can arrange the diamond segments on the plate according to the finish you require on your concrete floor.

This takes away from the accumulating costs of purchasing different wheels for each individual application.

You don't want to be the contractor using the wrong diamond grinding wheels on the base of your machine, wearing through your diamond grinding shoes to quickly or taking forever to grind your floor flat.

What other machines will this conversion plate grinding system work on? 
The same style Diamond Grinding Wheel conversion plates are avaialble for a wide range of grinding machines including the Satellite 480 MKii Floor Grinder, the Planetary and SP model Satellite Floor Grinders, Meteor 250 Single head floor grinder, Satellite 650 Three phase Grinder, and any others which run the same option of a grinding plate or plug. 

Our Conversion Plates Grinding system has opened doors for many contractors spending a lot of money on tooling meaning their projects costing them more $$ to grind per sqm.

Not running a Satellite or Meteor Concrete Floor Grinder?
Easy. Give us a call and we'll discuss the model grinder you run to see if there is a plate system we can offer for it.

With so many brands and so many clients serviced with our conversion plate system across Australia we're sure have a solution to help you!


Talk to the team at All Preparation Equipment today about how you can speed up your product on site and transform your Satellite Concrete Grinders into the ultimate production machines. Help is only a phone call away, call 1800 422 992.


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