Concrete floor preparation, grinding, glue removal, and high spot rectificaiton is not always a walk in the park when you dont understand your diamond tooling and how it works.

Schwamborn has been developing concrete floor girnding and polishing machines for over 80 years and working iwth them and concrete floor prep and polishing contractors here in Australia, All Prpearaiotn Equipment has developed a wide range of diamond tooling for each and every floor prep or removal application. 

’Mate, that conversion plate you sent me is a weapon I’ve just ground 400m2 of 30 year old concrete and still got more life on my diamonds. We’re using the 16 grit diamonds and previously were getting only about 250m2 out of a 10’’ plate on our Meteor. Thanks for telling us about your plates,’’ says Aaron. We love feedback! And got so excited about this news from a customer in Sydney. After running the Meteor 250 Floor Grinder for just over a year, they were looking for faster, more economical and more efficient ways to grind. Looking for ways to grind subfloors faster, and remove those notoriously tough glues and adheisves found on old concrete floors under vinyls and carpets, and a faster way to grind high MPA concrete, the only way was to convert to a Knock on Shoe 'Conversion plate. It's easy to see why many contractors are setting up with diamond shoe conversion plates, to help their grinder, grind faster.

Knock on shoe Conversion plates,

  • Ensure you get more life out of the diamonds
  • Gives you a wider range of diamonds. On the single plate you can fit 16 grit through to 300 Grit diamond shoes, along with Resin bond and Sanding pad attachments.
  • Available from super soft to super hard bond, to grind and prepare varying hardness of concrete floors.


Purchase your Meteor 250 Floor Grinding conversion plate online today,  

If your currently running or hiring a Meteor 250 Concrete Floor Grinder the METEOR 250 GRINDER CONVERSION PLATE maybe something you want to consider. 

  • - Longer lasting diamond toolings 
  • - Better wear and tear
  • - Provides a more consistent floor prep finish 
  • - Allows for faster removal on concrete coatings, membranes, epoxies and glue 


Consider your options 

  • - Super Soft bond  to Super hard bond gives you diamond tooling segments to use on rain damaged concrete, softer concrete surfaces, burnished or steel trowelled floors, epoxy coatings, waterproofing membranes, black jack removal, and so much more. 
  • - PCD Diamond Grinding shoes give you a faster removal process - ripping off the product to take back to bare concrete in a single pass - In some applications you'll have to run over the concrete floor again with a traditional diamond grinding shoe. Ie, 16 grit or 20 grit in a softer / medium bond. 

Meteor 250 concrete floor grinders converted with the diamond Knock on shoe plate imitates the productivity which the DSM250 Schwamborn Grinder provides. If your looking to purchase a new concrete floor grinder, or upgrade from your hand held angle grinder option for faster floor preparation - take a closer look at the Schwamborn DSM250 Grinder. Amoungst the most popular in Australia and New Zealand contractors are using this machine thanks to it being easy to use, easy to operate,, gives a wider range and grinds down high spots in the floor effectively. 

Wanting to speed up floor preparation, levelling and concrete grinding? Talk to the team at All Preparation Equipment, the specialist supplier to the flooring and construction industry about your specific project requirements. Our team has tips, tricks & techniques you can use on your current machines to ensure your projects are completed on time, every time.    


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