Have you ever felt like you're the only one struggling to remove glues, epoxy floor coatings or waterproofing membranes from a concrete surface? There is a diamond to help make the process faster.

It's a challenge many concrete remedial contractors, waterproofers and even floor layers have in the process of removing product from concrete floor surfaces to get it ready to reapply a adhesive, coating or membrane.

The PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) grinding wheel is designed to rip, strip and remove thick, tough or old product from a concrete floor surface.

PCD Diamonds tend to cut into the coating, glue and adhesive to remove it while preventing it from heating up or smearing.

Heavy diamond segments on the wheel do the bulk of the removal work, while smaller segments work behind to clean off the remaining product form the concrete. These diamonds give quick, fast removal on hard or old product that some of the standard diamond grinding cup wheels struggle to remove.

Suited to the Satellite 480 floor grinders and Meteor 250 concrete floor Grinding machines.

Talk to the Team at All Preparation Equipment about your removal job and make sure you setup with the right diamond grinding wheel or PCD Glue removal cup wheel for your project applications.

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