Collection: Angle Grinder Attachments

Angle Grinders can, undoubtedly, be one of the most versatile pieces of handheld equipment you own. These machines can make short work of grinding metal, cutting tiles and routing mortar, plus they can be used for sanding, polishing and sharpening. But what makes them so adaptable is their capacity to accommodate a myriad of different angle grinder accessories. Here at All Preparation Equipment, we can help transform your angle grinder into a multi-use tool around the worksite. 

Please feel free to browse our collection of angle grinder attachments. Our best picks include the Wizz-it-Off Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel Remover for jammed grinding cup wheels. You'd also love working with the HiTop Handle, designed to put the handle above the grinding head for better control.


Angle grinders are versatile since they can handle a variety of wheels and accessories. When you put wire wheels and cups onto the threaded spindle, the angle grinder comes with a spindle washer and spindle nut, which you may install in various configurations to accommodate thicker or thinner wheels or remove entirely. Instructions for attaching wheels and accessories can be found in your handbook.


Wire wheels easily remove corrosion and flaking paint. Angle grinder attachments with wire wheels and brushes are designed for different types of stripping, cleaning, and deburring jobs. Stripping paint or rust from broad, flat areas is best done with wire cup brushes. Wire wheels are easier to fit into nooks and corners. Wheel and brush attachments are available in a range of designs. Look through the package to discover one that will work for your needs. Also, ensure sure the threads on your grinder match the spindle threads.


In your angle grinder, install a metal cutoff wheel. The long side of the rebar should be propped up and held tightly. Drop the cutoff wheel through the metal and let the tool's weight perform most of the work. Allow the short end of the blade to fall freely to avoid binding it. Most metal can be cut with a hacksaw if you're patient. On the other hand, a grinder is hard to beat for rapid, harsh cuts. Rebar, angle iron, rusty fasteners, and welded wire fencing can all be cut using an angle grinder. For this and other metal-cutting jobs, use a low-cost cutoff wheel.


On both the front and back of the tile, draw a precise outline of the cut. Clamp the tile to your workstation and make a 1/8-inch score around the perimeter. With the diamond blade, go deep in the front. With ordinary tile cutters, notching and cutting ceramic or stone tile to fit around outlets and other obstructions are difficult, if not impossible. An angle grinder with a dry-cut diamond wheel, on the other hand, makes quick work of these challenging cuts.