Collection: Application Pads & Accessories

Shop the range of C2 Application Pads for use with colloidal densifiers, potassium or lithium densifiers, and a wide range of polished concrete sealers. Other application pads include the popular Dust Mop which is used for both timber and polished concrete flooring projects.

The range of C2 Microfibre Application Pads come in 450mm, 600mm and 900mm wide to suit the C2 Frames you'll see listed above. These pads work well and help ensure the right amount of product is applied to your flooring projects.

Our C2 Dust Mops are a great way to clean across the floor before the next stage and also a great pad option for property owners to clean / dust off their floor daily.

All C2 Pads can be put into the washing machine and cleaned ready for reuse after being used with densifiers (and most concrete sealers), so a great economical option for every contractor.