Collection: Bush Hammering

Concrete Bush hammer attachments are a tool to get a fast, effective profile and slip resistance to any floor.

Bush hammers are designed to provide a decorative finish in concrete which adds greater slip resistance and grip to surfaces. The bush hammer tool creates small textured holes in the concrete, which opens the concrete up to provide extra grip.

These tools are designed to grind down high spots and open up the surface, quickly when running on three-phase concrete floor grinding machines.

They also have the ability to create a CSP Level 2-3and higher depending on the hardness of the concrete and the hammer you use.

Bush hammers roll around on a bearing that is mounted to a plate that is attached to the base of your concrete floor grinding machine. These rollers texture and dimple the surface to fracture it and open up the aggregate.

Why Bush hammers are so effective,

  • Long service life due to 100 TC pins
  • Very smooth machine running
  • Produces very fine and homogeneous concrete surface structure comparable to CSP Level 2-3
  • Small to medium increase in texture depth/grip of asphalt and concrete. 

Not all plates we stock are listed online as some we only manufacture small quantities of. 

If you can't see the bush hammer plate suited to your 'brand' of concrete floor grinder? Call the team at All Preparation Equipment today. 

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