Collection: Corflute


Save your project site from damage which can amount to unnecessary repair costs and lost work hours by using protective corflute sheeting. These lightweight and versatile materials can be bent, shaped and cut to provide impact protection on carpets, tiles parquetry and other sensitive surfaces.


Corflute is the best-known brand for what is technically called a Polypropylene Sheet. “Fluted” polypropylene resembles a corrugated cardboard wall, in the way that two walls are held together and separated by ribs. The advantages of this material, when used as surface protection, are its high impact resistance, die-cuttable, weather and water resistant, light but though, and is resistant to greases and oils. The Corflute sheet also threw in some special additives to give their products additional UV resistance. Work in confidence, knowing that your surfaces are protected while completing your building, refurbishment or demolition projects. All Preparation Equipment offers these twin-wall protective sheeting in various dimensions, and each economical protective covering is waterproof, weatherproof, and very easy to install. You can also use a corflute sheet as a packaging solution, functioning as pallet liners, product dividers or waterproof barriers.


Corflute Sheets are made of a copolymer resin that improves impact and low-temperature performance while retaining the ability to be bent indefinitely without breaking. It is chemically inert, has no pH factor, and is unaffected by most oils, solvents, or water. It performs effectively even when exposed to severe chemicals or in adverse weather conditions. When exposed to harsh chemicals or terrible weather conditions, Corflute Sheets still work admirably.

This building protection sheet will protect floors from falling bricks, mortar, debris, paint, plaster, wheelbarrows, ladders, some chemicals, and more from any form of building or construction work.

Surface protection is made of easy-to-handle, cost-effective plastic; it can be trimmed, curled, or crumpled to accommodate any feature that requires 100 per cent protection in any size or shape.


We're a major provider to flooring contractors all around Australia who want to cut down on downtime, save time, and make their jobs easier. To fulfil project deadlines, our customers work in time-critical conditions. As a result, the most critical factors in their purchasing decisions are the timeliness of service, equipment reliability, and technical assistance. We understand that our clients work in time-sensitive circumstances to achieve project deadlines.

You’d be pleased to know that our corflute sheet come in varying thickness, ranging from 2mm to 5mm. We also offer special cuts for corner protection, and offer them in bulk rolls so you can tailor them to your site’s specifications.

Our customers operate in time-critical conditions to fulfil project deadlines, and we're here to assist them whether they're a subcontractor or an employee of a corporation. Our responsiveness, equipment dependability, and technical support have the most influence on their purchasing decisions.

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