Collection: Diamond Grinding Plugs

Diamond Grinding Plugs are designed to fit onto Satellite Concrete Floor Grinders and some models of Lavina Concrete Floor Grinder. Our range of diamond grinding plugs includes the turbo grinding plug, arrow segment grinding plug, morse tapered, and PCD plugs. 

Shop the range online, selecting your preferred grit and bond depending on the type of floor you have to grind or prepare. 

Designed for fast, high-speed, and aggressive grinding on concrete floors our range of Diamond Grinding Plugs is online. 

We offer fast, shipping Australia-wide direct to your job site or address ready for your next project. With Diamond Tooling the key to success on your project is using a diamond with the right bond to help grind and wear efficiently. 

Any of these 50mm Diamond Grinding Plugs are compatible with; 

  • Satellite 480 Concrete Floor Grinder 
  • Satellite 480 G4 Floor Grinder 
  • Satellite 600 Concrete Grinder 
  • Satellite 760 Concrete Grinder

Not sure what the best diamond grinding plug is you need? Call the team at All Prep today on 1800 422 992.