Collection: Floor Strippers


A floor scraper or floor stripper plays an integral part in any floor preparation project. Whether you need to remove old floor coverings, carpet backings, tiles, or hardened adhesives, having a reliable floor stripper machine will make the task easier. Our range of concrete floor strippers include units that can efficiently lift ceramic, marble, or porcelain tiles, as well as vinyl flooring, carpet tiles, linoleum and waterproofing membranes. We have an extensive inventory of options for chisel or blade attachments for working on concrete or timber floors.



A floor stripping machine is ideal for removing a layer of soft flooring or adhesive.

A floor stripper can be used to remove a variety of materials or to prepare a surface for a fresh coating, as previously stated. You could wish to use a floor stripper to improve the visual appearance, remove glue or varnish buildups, or resolve a sub-layer oversight, among other things.

Concrete floor strippers are available in various sizes, with the option of a walk-behind or a ride-on type. The type you select will be determined by the amount of the area to be removed, the type of flooring, and the power available.

Floor strippers use rotating blades to remove the top layer of flooring material softly and without injuring the subfloor. Depending on the type of flooring you need to strip, blades come in a variety of designs and thicknesses. If you're removing vinyl or carpet flooring, make sure to slice the material into strips first. This makes it fairly easier to remove the flooring and assures that the blades can reach underneath it.

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries regarding the best product for your project. We would be more than happy to help you out.


Using a floor scraper to remove carpet staples from plywood and particle-board flooring is a good idea for shaving time off the project. The scraper's blade will cut some staples and pull others out.

Using a scraper instead of pliers or a screwdriver to remove each staple individually will make the work quicker and faster because you will be able to remove multiple staples at once. At All Preparation Equipment, we carry long-reach scrapers, ranging from 4 to 6 feet and can cycle up to 2200 beats per minute.