Collection: Grinding Wheels

Whether you need to grind of glues, paints, adhesive or other coatings from surfaces or to grind down high spots on concrete floors, All Preparation Equipment has a wide range of diamond grinding wheels for sale. Fast glue and coating removal diamonds include the PCDArrow Segment or Rhomboid diamond grinding wheels, or if you're needing a smoother finishing diamond for edge grinding on polished concrete floors take a look at the range of Wing Diamond Grinding wheels.

 A diamond blade for grinder can be purchased in different bonds according to the concrete you are working with or grits from aggressive 16 grit through to 150 grit for finishing.


For paint removal, the geometry of the segment, more than any other wheel feature, is responsible for removing surface coatings such as paint.

The surface area is critical in removing paint and coatings—cutting-edge requirements for quick removal of surface coatings (sharpness). Too much surface area can cause the wheel to rise over the product instead of cutting into it and spreading it.

Grit and bond are less critical, but grit must be coarse enough to cut paint where the wheel cannot slice the surface.

Removal of glues and other sticky or potentially reactivated 'smearing' products are almost identical in concept to paint removal. However, it relies even less on grinding characteristics such as grit and bond. Contractors prefer the yellow wheels through the range due to their speed of removal and outstanding dispersion characteristics.


High-speed concrete removal is achieved by matching all factors to the concrete surface. Surface area, segment size, bond and grit are all vital. Minimum segments in the correct shape with matching bonds are the most critical for the fastest removal. Grit generally should be around 30 to 40 to achieve the best results.

The process of levelling surfaces involves the same grinding fundamentals, and the significant difference is that a more level surface will arise from a larger diameter contact area. Smaller contact areas will allow the grinding wheel to follow undulations, whereas a larger wheel tends to cut through the 'hills,' so to speak.


For most jobs, a high-speed removal wheel is ideal. All Preparation Equipment would recommend the yellow 175mm wheels fitted to a 480mm circumference satellite machine for this task.

The process of polishing starts with the preparation of the surface. Once all surface material is removed, the surface needs to be smoothed out. Often this requires a wheel designed for a smooth finish, and a smooth finish requires more surface area and decreased grit size.