Collection: Handheld Scrapers

Handheld Scrapers are widely used on internal demolition, reconstruction and floor stripping or removal projects as an effective way to remove smaller amounts of product, including adhesives and glues from a concrete substrate. 

These handheld scrapers are also an effective means of use in stripping up vinyl floor coverings, sheet vinyl flooring, carpet tiles and carpet sheeting. Where there is sheet vinyl or carpet the Lil-Ripper Carpet Cutter s designed to cut the sheet vinyl or carpet into strips before being removed by hand, or being lifted mechanically with a Hitachi / Bosch / Makita jackhammer, jackhammer trolley frame, push along floor lifter or self propelled floor lifting system. 

Handheld scrapers including the wide 450mm floor scraper are one popular way of moving bulk dirt, dust or debris on a construction building or renovation project in view of cleaning it up in a pile.

This wide handheld floor scraper is also commonly used in flood rectification or restoration projects where water has flooded an area and dirt build-up or water needs to move away. 

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