Collection: Mixing Paddles

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Before anything else, let’s get it out that there’s no simple one-size-fits-all answer for this one. There are several factors to consider, including the viscosity of your mix, time constraints, skill level and available equipment, among many others. For this same reason, there are many kinds of mixers and paddles, all designed for different applications and materials—some for concrete, epoxy or paint.

Power - Each mixer can have varying wattages. “Thinner” substances, such as paint and varnish, requires less power to mix and will, therefore, be fine with lower-wattage equipment. Higher wattages can still do quick work of these, but higher wattages translate to a greater consumption of electricity.

Rotational Speed – Generally, the greater the rotational speed, the faster it can mix substances. But for lower viscosity materials, too high of a rotational speed can result in excessive splatter, mess and waste. Conversely, when you go too low, it might take you a substantial amount of time to achieve the proper mixture.

Mixing Capacity – This is the suitable volume of mix that is suitably handled by the specific equipment. Overmixing can cause irreversible damage to the mixer and can also void the warranty.

Weight – While lightweight mixers can be easily handled and transported from one site to another, heavy mixers, however, offer more control and can be sturdier in most aspects.  

 If you need any kind of assistance in choosing the best equipment for your application, we are more than eager to be of help.


A paddle mixer is quite easy to operate. The device is powered by electricity and has a motor. The paddle at the bottom stirs the mixture and combines the ingredients together.

Fill a bucket with the necessary amount of ingredients, keeping it under the maximum capacity. The speed of the mixer can be raised as you become more familiar with it. The higher the speed, the greater the chance of spillages.


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