Collection: Moisture Meters


Concrete Flooring Moisture Meters are designed for use on concrete and cementitious screeds prior to installing floor coverings to ensure proper bonding of adhesives and prevent damage to the floor covering after install. Depending on the Concrete moisture meter unit you use they will provide a 'piece of mind testing' or a unit with probe testing that meets 'Australian standards. Standards vary for carpet, vinyl, timber and tiled floor coverings. 


Concrete Moisture meters are a critical part of successfully installing any type of floor covering as they help to detect the moisture content in a concrete surface.

This helps to ensure that any moisture issues or build up of moisture is prevented and treated before and the testing helps to identify any potential issues that may arise from moisture after the floor covering has been installed.

Moisture can rise through a concrete substrate and cause delamination, flaking of concrete epoxy coatings, mold and moisture issues under vinyl, carpet, and timber and so much more.

The transfer of this moisture as it rises can cause damage to coverings or warping / shrinkage / expanding to products including timber and lino.

By an installer using a Moisture Meter to test before they lay this can help prevent long term damage to any surface.

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