Collection: Polishing Tools

Shop the range of concrete polishing tools to help grind into corners easier with the triangular rasp and corner grinding cones and grinder rubbing blocks. The Mohs Hardness Tester is also a popular tool kit for concrete grinding, resurfacing, epoxy coating applicators and concrete floor polishing contractors to help determine the hardness of the concrete and choose the right diamond for your job.

What is the best way to grind into concrete corners on a concrete floor polishing, grind and seal project, or mechanical floor polish? 

We've made it EASY with the Corner Grinding Cone setup.

Simply mount it to a drill for the perfect finish prep grinding or resurfacing into the corner of any room. Be sure to add a Corner Grinding Cone to your cart today to help speed up the process of grinding into corners and get a better finish on your next concrete flooring project. 

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