Collection: Pressure Washer

A pressure cleaner or washer is one of the essential pieces of equipment used in concrete, flooring and surface preparation projects. The capacity to make quick work of clean-ups, either to reveal finished works or to prepare for the next stage of preparation, makes pressure washers an indispensable tool in the industry. All Preparation Equipment carries a long line of reliable pressure washer for sale. Our inventory of pressure cleaners for sale includes the Makinex dual-function system, which consists of a rotary surface cleaner in addition to the cleaning wand.


Industrial pressure washers utilise a high-pressure stream or jet of water against it to clean, descale, degrease, or prepare a surface. Cold water or hot water and steam are used in industrial pressure washers, and the water is frequently blended with other cleaners, detergents, or solvents. They are used to clean surfaces or demolish items made of metal, wood, concrete, stone, plastic, glass, or other construction materials.


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Our customers work under time constraints to meet project deadlines, and we're here to help them, whether they're subcontractors or corporate employees. Our timeliness, equipment dependability, and technical assistance influence their purchase selections.


We're a big help to flooring contractors all around Australia who want to save time, cut down on downtime, and make their tasks easier. Our customers work under time constraints to meet project deadlines. As a result, the timeliness of service, equipment reliability, and technical help are the most essential elements in their purchasing selections. We recognize that our clients work under time constraints to meet project deadlines.

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