Collection: Redi Lock Style Grinding Shoes

We carry a full range of diamond grinding shoes and segments to suit Husqvarna Single and Three-phase Concrete floor Grinders and Concrete Grinding and Polishing machines that take the Rediloc Style grinding plates. These segments also suit a wide range of conversion or adaptor plates to suit other brands including Satellite Floor Grinders, Terrco Grinders, HTC / Tyrolit Grinders, the Cub Grinder and many more. 

Your grinding equipment can only perform as efficiently as the grinding shoes you give them. At All Preparation Equipment, our selection of diamond grinding shoes will leave you spoiled for choice.

Whatever phase of your project you’re currently working on, we can provide you with the grit and hardness needed to complete your task.

Our range of diamond grinding shoes is the perfect complement for your Husqvarna single and three-phase concrete floor grinders and other grinding and polishing machines that accommodate the Redi Lock style grinding attachments.

Our segments also suit a good range of adaptor and conversion plates to fit other brands, including Terrco Grinders, Satellite Floor Grinders, Tyrolit Grinders and the Cub Grinder, among various others.

We have diamond grinders for soft floors, medium floors, hard floors, very hard floors and super hard floors. With our knock-on diamond grinding shoes, installation and exchange are as easy as they can be.

From superior cutting speed to longer serviceability, you’ll be saving both time and money with our range of diamond grinding shoes.

Our selection also offers double-segment grinding shoes, which are highly effective for cutting into and opening up even the most demanding concrete slabs.

If you’re looking for aggressive removal of existing coatings and cementitious tile glue, double-segment grinding shoes will do just those.

You can also turn to us for an all-rounder, medium-bond grinding shoes for softer floors, rain-damaged surfaces, pitted slabs and grinding off high spots on your concrete floors. Remember that these feature the knock-on design, making them easy and fast to install, release and change.

If you’re faced with the task of grinding down high-MPA concrete floors, our purple diamond grinding shoes will make quick work. These are perfect for grinding on highly trowelled surfaces and high spot removal on the most rigid concrete floors.

Please feel free to send us a message for questions about the Redi Lock Grinding Shoes or any enquiry you might have regarding choosing the right grinding shoes for your equipment and scope of work. We are more than eager to help you out with your needs.