Collection: Replacement Air Purifier / Scrubber Filters

Air Cleaners and Air Scrubbers are powerful and are guaranteed to last you a long time if used and maintained properly. That is why make it a habit to check and clean any parts that require it. Also, always make it a habit to check and clean your HEPA filters right after use. This is to ensure that you are getting the right output and maintaining good air quality all the time. 

On the other hand, if you need to replace your dust control filter then make sure to check the options below. Alternatively, you can call the team at All Preparation Equipment at 1800 422 992 and make your purchase with help of our professional team.


It’s not a hard thing to notice if you need to clean your filter. If you noticed that the suction power decreased, or if you saw that the filter is filled with clumps of dust, then that needs some cleaning. What’s worthy to know though, is the right time to change or replace your filter.

Different filters have different life spans. The environment where you use the air cleaner is also a factor. You can’t expect a filter to last long on a construction site compared to the ones you have at home.

When should you change your filter? The answers to that are pointed out below.

  • Pre-filter – this part is the one that gets worn out first because it catches larger sediments in the air. That is why it is the first thing that is always replaced in an air cleaner. Ideally, you should replace the pre-filter once every 30 days, depending on the location where it is used.
  • HEPA Filter - The HEPA filter is the one that captures all finer particles that makes it past the pre-filter. Dust control solutions rely heavily on this filter since it captures harmful these harmful elements. These microparticles the invisible enemies that can cause harm to your health over time. It is ideal to replace this filter once a year under normal conditions to maintain air quality on your site.