Collection: Scarifiers

All Preparation Equipment has a scarifier for sale for every scope and application. Our inventory of surface planers and concrete milling machines includes engineering marvels from Schwamborn and EDCO, which provides accurate and efficient output for texturing and surfacing concrete. Their carbide cutters and powerful rotating drums make short work of any milling, coating removal, grooving and slip-resisting tasks. 

Depending on your worksite's resources and conditions, you can choose an electric concrete scarifier or a petrol-driven floor scarifier from our inventory. If ever you need help selecting the right concrete scarifier for sale, please feel free to send us a message, and we would love to help you out.


While most people freely interchange grinders and scarifiers, they are actually two distinct pieces of equipment with unique roles in the worksite. While they are both surface preparation machines, scarifiers function differently from grinders. For scarifiers, the pummeling action of their cutting wheels, made of tungsten carbide or hardened steel, installed on a detachable drum and rotating at extremely high speeds cuts, planes, or scars the surface.

These flails or multi-tipped cutters pound the surface like miniature hammers, chipping away tiny shards of concrete to create a rough profile. The edges strike the surface vertically, allowing them to 'attack' any high area or lip and reduce it to the neighbouring floor's lower level.

The amount of cutter shafts per drum varies by model, but in general, the more shafts a machine has, the faster it can produce and the more scarifying action it can perform.


  • Cleaning and Clearing Asphalt and Concrete Surfaces
  • Removing Stubborn Coatings, Including Epoxies, Rubber, Curing Compounds and More
  • Floor Milling
  • Concrete Preparation for New Layering
  • Grooving Ramps, Paths and Walkways for Slip-Resistance
  • Smoothing-Out High or Rough Spots
  • Levelling Concrete Joints
  • Removing Road Markings


You've come to the perfect shop if you work in construction, flooring, or within the concrete flooring industry. Our motto is 'Tough Jobs Made Easy.' It's at the heart of all we do. With skilled technical guidance and assistance, we're here to supply flooring and construction contractors with safer, smarter, and faster solutions to complete their tasks on schedule.

Flooring contractors throughout Australia turn to our expertise to save time, cut down on downtime and make their tasks more manageable. Our clients work under strict time constraints to satisfy project timelines, and we're here to make it easier, whether they're corporate employees or subcontractors. Our technical assistance, equipment dependability and timeliness, influence their purchase selections.


We're a big help to flooring contractors all around Australia who want to save time, cut down on downtime, and make their tasks easier. Our customers work under time constraints to meet project deadlines. As a result, the timeliness of service, equipment reliability, and technical help are the most critical elements in their purchasing selections. We recognize that our clients work under time constraints to meet project deadlines.

We offer same-day dispatches for orders made by 3 pm (QLD time) and next-day delivery to most locations across Australia. We achieve this efficiency by working with a vast network of transport and courier companies in Australia and New Zealand. We always make it a point to deliver your products quickly.