Collection: Schwamborn Grinding Shoes

Schwamborn knock-on diamond grinding shoes ensure you get maximum performance and life out of your tooling on your concrete floor grinder. With a wide range of diamond grinding segments available from aggressive 16 grit diamonds to more delicate grade diamonds, each of these segments can be purchased in soft, medium, hard, and super soft or hard bonds to help ensure you get the best life and speed out of each set.


Allow your Schwamborn concrete grinders to perform at their peak with Schwamborn knock-on grinding shoes. All Preparation Equipment carries a complete array of diamond grinding segments, ranging from 16-grit diamonds for aggressive cuts and delicate grades for finishing phases.

The segments also come in soft, medium, hard, super soft, and super hard bonds to give your equipment maximum versatility.

Whatever the task at hand may be, we have the perfect diamond grinding shoe for the job. When you’re grinding soft concrete or removing sand-filled epoxy, adhesives or abrasive coating, our black 16-grit shoe would do well for the job.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder, general-purpose grinding shoe for grinding high spots on softer concrete floors or removing rain-damaged or pitted slabs, the yellow 16-grit diamond grinding shoe will work well.

For general concrete preparation, the orange grinding shoes with medium to soft bonds will work well for grinding high spots on concrete and removing thin glues and coatings up to 3mm thick. When you’re faced with very hard concrete floors, our premium grey knock-on diamond grinding shoe will allow for the fastest prep work.

This set will allow for the effective removal of glues, paints, adhesives and other coatings. Plus, the 150-grit grade is best used for grouting on polished floors.

For super hard floors, the purple diamond grinding shoe, which also features the simple knock-on system, will make quick work of high-MPA concrete floors, highly trowelled surfaces and high-spot removal. We also have the Cobra knock-on diamond shoe for aggressive removal of existing coating and opening up super hard concrete slabs. The double segment of this shoe provides longer life and serviceability.

All Preparation Equipment is committed to making tough jobs easier. This commitment is reflected in our continuous efforts towards sourcing the best grinding shoes for your concrete grinders and polishers. Please feel free to call us or send us a message for any assistance in choosing the best grinding shoes for your tasks.