Collection: Service Technician Cleaning Box

The DC Cleaning and Inspection Box is a specially designed fume cupboard that protects against hazardous dust when cleaning your machines and tools. The box is equipped with an air blow gun and suction hose for vacuuming. Larger particles and dirt fall into a plastic bag that is placed in the bottom of the cabinet.

 The DC Box is easy to work with. Tools and machines are placed on the rotating work table and pushed in via the side door and can then be cleaned and handled without the risk of emitting dangerous dust.

The fine dust is advantageously extracted via a tubing system to a complete central unit located indoors or outdoors. The size of the central unit and the dimensioning of the tubing system are adapted to each customer's needs. The system can be extended to also be used as a central vacuum system.

We offer three types of decontamination boxes:

  • DC Box Compact has a DC AirCube 500 air cleaner as its vacuum source and is easy to fit in smaller facilities where there is insufficient space for a tubing system and central vacuum unit. A mobile dust extractor such as a DC Tromb should be connected to provide integral vacuum cleaning.
  • DC Box Standard is a solution that meets the needs of most people. The decontamination box is connected to a tubing system and a central vacuum unit, DC 11-Module.
  • DC Box Custom is for those of you who need to clean larger equipment. If you need to roll a taller machine in for cleaning, this specially-designed solution is an excellent alternative.

Not all of these models are listed on our website and if these are something of interest to you, please contact our team at All Preparation Equipment - ph. 1800 422 992 to discuss your specific cleaning box or decontamination box requirements.