Collection: Spiked Shoes

Epoxy spiked shoes help floor leveling contractors, floor painters and epoxy applicators walk over the area where they are working. This helps ensure they can move quickly while applying the product directly to the floor while not getting any epoxy or floor levelling product on their shoes.  

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Our Spiked Shoes for Epoxy are designed to help any contractor be able to easily walk over the floor and their applied product without getting their boots dirty and being able to easily apply it. 

Our Flexible Spiked Shoes for Epoxy Flooring and Floor leveling come in 3 sizes and are designed to fit tight to your shoes or sneakers so you can work faster in them. To put the Flexible spiked shoes on you simply kick your foot into the shoe and work away. Designed for the comfort you can walk heel - to - toes with the flexible spiked shoes while working on epoxy floors, floor topping, coating, leveling, or painting.

We also stock the Standard Flatbed Spiked shoes which a lot of contractors use when applying epoxy floor coatings in smaller areas. These are strap and buckle setups designed to hold your boot in place with a strap and buckle setup.

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