Collection: Entry / Exit Mats

Sticky Mat protective entry and exit mats are the best solution for construction, renovation, building or rectification projects to sit at the entry or exit of where contractors and people are working. 

The Sticky and Tacky Mats are effective for capturing dust and dirt from shoes and boots to help save it from being walked around the site or to existing floor coverings. 


  • Remove foot borne dust 
  • Reduce cleaning time and damage 
  • Long-lasting - Works well on sites that last over weeks or months. 30 Layers per pack
  • Low profile, trip safe


  • Prevention of dirt, dust and contamination 
  • Use on sensitive areas including computer rooms, hospitals, laboratories, aged care, shops, offices and residential construction or renovation 
  • A foot cleaning solution in lift lobbies for cleaning contractors' boots prior to entering the lift to help prevent dust travelling. 

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