Collection: Trowels

Cement trowels are primarily used to level or smoothen out the surface of the concrete to get a smooth finish. However, there are various kinds of trowels with variations on their blades and other parts as well as their uses. One characteristic of a standard trowel is that it can be used to hold fresh concrete acting like a plate. There are also various sizes to these trowels, with the wider ones covering more area, therefore, speeding up the coating and leveling process.


1. Levelling – Trowels are used for evening out the surface of concrete, whether it is a medium-sized ceiling or floor. However, for larger floors, it is ideal to use wider trowels for floor levelling as they cover more area.

2. Finishing – There are other types of trowels, which are called magic trowels that are used for finishing. There is a problem with the standard trowels which leave behind lines and marks on the concrete. On the other hand, the magic trowels solve this problem because it doesn’t leave behind any trail marks or lines.

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