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Shop our wide range of industrial vacuum and construction vacuum cleaners that are up to the demanding task of minimising airborne contamination within the concrete floor preparation, polishing and construction industry. Our range of Dustcontrol vacuum systems is designed to help control dust directly from your equipment, including concrete floor grinders and polishing equipment, as well as your woodworking and carpentry tools. These industrial vacuum systems also function well for general site clean-ups. Shop the range of our L & M-class vacuum systems as well as wet vacs for your construction, concrete and flooring projects. Aside from concrete dust extractor vacuum systems, you can also turn to us for industrial H-class vacuum.


On construction sites, dust has always been a problem. When you cut, drill, grind, or process building materials like concrete, stone, or timber, much dust is produced. The larger particles are heavier and fall to the ground, whilst the tiny particles can remain volatile in the air for a long time, with the most hazardous dust being barely visible to the naked eye. This is why every site needs an efficient vacuum for concrete floors.

You and your team can operate safely without worrying about acquiring health problems due to being exposed to dangerous dust if you have a suitable vacuum for construction dust or industrial dust collector in place. The best defence is eliminating dust at the source and never letting it into the air. Grinders, mixers, jackhammers, tile cutters, and drills should all have a practical suction casing or shroud to confine the dust and allow it to be gathered by an effective industrial concrete vacuum system.


Industrial vacuum cleaners are an essential component of the dust extraction system used in the workplace to improve the working environment and remove harmful particles from the air. This demand puts a lot of pressure on the dust extractor's ability to separate fine dust. A standardised test classifies the dust extractor to meet the requirements indicated in the applicable work environment laws.

There is a complete description of how construction site vacuum tests are performed. There are three classification levels with tests in line with IEC 60335.2.69 for each class to validate the concrete dust vacuum unit's and filter elements' efficiency.

L Class (light hazard) has an efficiency of >99% MAC suitable for separating dust with a limit value of occupational exposure of greater than 1mg/m³.

M Class Vacuum (medium hazard) has an efficiency of >99% suitable for separating dust with a limit value of occupational exposure of greater than 0,1mg/m³.

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