Collection: Temporary Walls & Barriers

ZipWall® is a system of adjustable spring-loaded poles that hold up sheeting to form a barrier, delineate a work zone or create a cutting room. Ideal for containing dust during renovations, refurbishments, demolition and maintenance in sensitive or occupied areas.

  • Rapid installation saves time
  • Can be reused time after time saves money
  • No tape or fixings avoids damage
  • Complete seal stops dust spreading
  • No ladders or trestles needed to improve safety

The ZipWall® Barrier System was invented to provide a quick and easy way to set up a dust barrier. Contractors across all industries have given our products an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

Our barrier system sets up in minutes. No tape, no ladders, no damage. It adds a professional touch to the job site.

You’ll find ZipWall® products on the job in commercial and residential renovation settings, as well as in flood restoration, mould remediation, and many other applications.

Since their introduction, ZipWall® products have received awards and recognition for innovation and quality. Today our products are available worldwide.


It took a contractor who created clouds of dust to finally create an easy-to-use dust barrier system. This entrepreneurial tradesman operated a highly regarded floor refinishing company. One particular job needed dust containment to protect major portions of the house from contamination.

The large open floor plan presented quite a problem. The solution had to be tapeless. It had to be easy to set up. It had to work with a variety of ceiling heights, and it had to be virtually airtight. The result was the revolutionary ZipWall® Dust Barrier System.

For the first time, one person could set up a tapeless dust barrier system in minutes, saving valuable time, and preventing damage to finished surfaces. Recognised by the press and endorsed by contractors, this award-winning product is now considered themost flexible, comprehensive and effective dust containment solution available worldwide.