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PyraFix Nano-cement for concrete fills super-fine pinholes. small air voids, pop-outs. cracks and Other gaps in the concrete surface to create a monolithic surface ideal for all polished concrete applications.

PyraFix Nano-Cement is available in white and natural grey. All PyraFix Nano-Cement colours are available upon request. Ideal for all Concrete surfaces including polished concrete floors and bench tops. Designed for Superior finish.

Crack Repair

  1. Identify and solve the cause of the cracking.
  2. Do a small test area first.
  3. Thoroughly clean the crack and adjacent area through careful brushing. vacuuming, blowing and/or wet washing. Keep the crack edges as vertical and sharp as possible. Do not vee.
  4. Hand buff with a 200 Grit C2 Diamond Impregnated Pad, wet 100 grit resin polishing pad or 100 grit rubbing block.
  5. Mix 300g PyraFix Nano-Cement with 100mI water
  6. Spread along the crack with a spatula. push/rub in with your finger.
  7. Leave for 24 hrs (4 hrs minimum)
  8. Remove with wet/dry 100 resin polishing pad Bring surface finish to equate to surrounding area. e.g., 3000 for polished.

No concrete priming is required.

Polished Concrete Pinfix

  1. At grouting Stage, normally after 100 resins, thoroughly clean the floor.
  2. Mix Nano-Cement. 1 00mI water to 300g Pinfix.
  3. By hand, use grout spreader or dry machine with grouting plates.
  4. Do manageable sections. say 3-6m at a time.
  5. Let cure for 24hrs ("hrs minimum).
  6. Remove with 100 resins (rubbing block or machinel wet Or dry.
  7. Finish floor to the desired sheen.

No concrete priming is required.

Concrete Patch

  1. Thoroughly clean and prepared the area.
  2. Mix PyraFix Nano-Cement in fix with up to 50% extra fine sand.
  3. Shape.
  4. Let Cure for 24hrs (4hrs minimum).
  5. Finish to desired sheen.

First Aid

Signs and Symptoms of over exposure: Breathlessness, wheezing, cough, sputum production.

Swallowed: If swallowed, dilute by drinking large amounts of water. 00 not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention. In unconscious. loosen tight clothing and Lay the person On his/her left side. Give nothing by mouth to an individual who is not alert and Conscious.

Eye Contact: Remove contact lens. Flush with running water or saline for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if redness persists or if visual changes occur.

Skin Contact: Wash with mild soap and water Contact physician if irritation persists or later develops.

Inhaled: Remove to fresh air. If shortness Of breath Or wheezing develops, seek medical attention.

Advice to Doctor: Treat symptomatically.

Transport and Storage There are no special requirements for storage and transport.

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