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C2 Color Hard 148ml

C2 Color Hard 148ml

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Product Information

  • A one-step, unique color hardener available in for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Offered in wide range of colors, each color may be used alone or combined to produce an unlimited range of color hues and artistic effects.
  • Supplied as a concentrate which minimizes freight, handling, storage and container disposal costs.

C2 Color Hard is a premeasured color concentrate specially formulated to mix with C2 Hard to produce a ready-to-use color hardener. C2 Color Hard is available in vibrant hues which can be used alone or in combinations for an unlimited range of shades, tints and artistic effects. Many colors are suitable for outdoor use, as well as indoor. When combined with C2 Hard, C2 Color Hard decorates, dustproofs and improves the abrasion-resistance of concrete floors and exterior pavements. High-speed burnish color-hardened surfaces to an attractive luster or treat them with the appropriate Crete Colors protective treatment for added luster, enhanced color, improved stain protection or protection from damage caused by de-icing salts. Supplied as a color concentrate, water-based, environmentally responsible C2 Color Hard minimizes freight, handling, storage and container disposal costs.


  • Water-based, environmentally responsible C2 Color Hard saves time, reduces waste and eliminates hazards associated with corrosive acid stains or highly flammable solventreduced dyes.
  • Many C2 Color Hard colors are suitable for outdoor use, even in extreme climates. See color chart.
  • Layer or blend to create unlimited color and design variations.
  • Great for any-age trowel-finished, ground or textured concrete. May be used over integrally colored concrete, shake-on color hardeners, acid-stained concrete or concrete colored with solvent-reduced dyes.
  • VOC Compliant. Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Non-corrosive. Low odor. Suitable for use in occupied spaces. Contains no harmful acids.
  • Will not etch concrete or corrode nearby metals. Will not peel or flake. No need to neutralize.
  • Two coats increase color intensity and may partially mask surface imperfections.
  • Easy application with low-pressure spray and push broom or microfiber pad.
  • C2 Color Hard floors require protective treatments before use. See ?Sealing? section for details.


  • C2 Color Hard is translucent. It may not hide or mask variations in the concrete.
  • Some colors are intended for interior use only. See color chart.
  • Not for surfaces exposed to standing water.
  • Not for concrete floors polished higher than the equivalent of #200 grit resin bond diamonds. Use C2 Tint for highly polished interior concrete floors.


Protect people, vehicles, property and any surface not to be treated from contact with the product or over spray. Avoid duct tape or other masking materials that leave adhesive residues which inhibit penetration of the color hardener.

To ensure penetration and reaction of color hardeners, the concrete surface must be clean and dry. Contaminants may prevent penetration of C2 Color Hard, leaving excess pigment on the surface. Freshly placed concrete should be at least 21 days old and sufficiently cured to support the appropriate activities before beginning floor preparation and color application. DO NOT store building materials on newly placed concrete surfaces.

Interior Concrete:

Grind starting with #50 grit (or lower) metal bond diamonds. Smooth and level the floor to achieve the desired finish. Do not exceed #200 grit resin bond diamonds before application. Do not grind or polish after applying C2 Color Hard.

Exterior Trowel-Finished or Broom-Finished Concrete:

Remove any curing compounds using C2 Remove. Clean the concrete with C2 Safe Prep to open the surface pores and ensure more uniform coloring.

After cleaning, lightly spray random areas of the floor or pavement with clean water. If surface does not wet uniformly, more prep is needed.

Remove dust and debris using a floor scrubbing machine and fresh water. A low-pressure power washer may be used on textured or exterior surfaces. Let wet surfaces dry.

Protect new concrete from all construction activities before color-hardening. Do not store building materials on newly placed concrete surfaces. Prevent standing water.

Concrete recently treated with a penetrating water repellent or ?salt screen? may not accept C2 Color Hard. Always test.

Surface & Air Temperatures

For best results maintain consistent air flow and surface temperatures during application. Surface and air temperatures should be 10-32°C (50-90°F).

Storage & Handling

Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, use entire contents of the C2 Color Hard per 5 liters of C2 Hard. Apply within 24-hours.

Over spray and spills may be difficult or impossible to remove. Protect surfaces not set for coloring with plastic during mixing and application.

Published shelf life assumes storage of unopened C2 Color Hard in a dry place. Maintain temperature of 45-100°F (7-38°C). Keep from freezing. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations.


Pre-measured concentrate to be mixed with C2 Hard.

Available in a range of colours to suit your individual project needs - contact our team to find out more

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