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C2 Seal - 5L

C2 Seal 5 Litres

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Clear, Colourless Liquid

Specific Gravity 


200 kg 

Active Content

Total Solids 

Voc Content 
<100 g/L

Flash Point 
>100 °C ASTM D 3278

Freeze Point
0° C

Shelf Life
1-2 Years in tightly sealed, unopened container. 
Based on Batch number.

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Product Information

Crete Colors C2 Seal 20L Drum, Glossy and Stain Resistant Lithium Sealer

C2 Seal is a copolymer formulation that improves the surface sheen and stain resistance of conventional concrete, hardened concrete or cement terrazzo floors. Ideal for application to standard gray or colored concrete, C2 Seal protects and enhances the color intensity of integrally colored and color stained concrete. C2 Seal provides a long lasting, high gloss finish that maximizes light reflectance and eliminates the need for floor waxes, liquid polishes and conventional resin based coatings. C2 Seal will not trigger or contribute to surface ASR (Alkali Silicate Reaction).

  • A patented copolymer formulation that seals the concrete with a rich, high gloss finish.
  • Perfect for application on standard or decorative concrete and terrazzo.
  • Protects and enhances the colour intensity of integrally coloured and colour stained concrete, maximizes light reflectance.
  • Eliminates the need for floor waxes, liquid polishes and conventional resin-based coatings.

C2 Seal Advantages

  • Low odour coloured concrete sealer. Easy to apply. Fast drying.
  • Produces a long lasting, high gloss finished the concrete floor with maximum light reflectance.
  • Eliminates the need for floor waxes, liquid polishes and conventional resin-based coatings.
  • Further improves the surface sheen and stain resistance of floors treated with C2 Super Hard, C2 Hard or C2 Hard Blend.
  • Tested and conforms to California Collaborative for High-Performance School Indoor Air Quality standards. Use can contribute to LEED® for Schools points (EQ Credit 4).
  • Gloss and hardness do not reduce slip resistance.
  • Breathable and UV stable. Will not yellow, discolour, peel or flake.
  • Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Low odour.

Limitations of C2 Seal

  • For indoor use only.
  • Not for use on surfaces exposed to standing or pooling water.

Typical Coverage Rates

Variations in concrete quality, porosity, job site conditions, temperature and relative humidity will affect coverage rates and drying times.

Apply C2 Seal at the highest coverage rate possible. Applications to highly polished floors yield the highest coverage rates. Two thin applications achieve better results than one heavy coat.

Estimated Coverage Rates

The following coverage rate is offered for estimating only. See below for instructions on calculating project-specific target coverage rates.


  • 25 - 40 m2 /L
  • 1000 - 1500 ft2 / US gal


  • 40 - 60 m2 /L
  • 2000 - 2500 ft2 / US gal

Calculating Project-Specific Coverage Rate

  • Prepare the test section in accordance with the preparation information above. Surfaces must be clean, dry and absorbent.
  • Add 3.5L of C2 Seal to a clean, pump-up sprayer. Apply according to Application Instructions below. Repeat as necessary to achieve the desired level of finish.
  • Measure the test area to establish the target coverage rate per liter. Protect the treated area from moisture for 24 hours following application.

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