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C2 Tint 457ml Bottle

C2 Tint 457ml Bottle

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Product Information

C2 Tint transforms dull gray concrete into decorative, low-maintenance finished concrete flooring. This non-flammable, water-reducible formulation penetrates and colors cementitious surfaces without risk of etching the surface or corroding nearby architectural metals. Use C2 Tint alone or in layers over gray, integrally colored, acid-stained or color hardened concrete for an unlimited range of colors. Apply penetrating C2 Tint to concrete before hardening/densifying with C2 Super Hard or C2 Hard, and then apply the appropriate Crete Colors protective treatment to seal and enhance the color with a high-gloss protective finish. Concentrated C2 Tint minimizes freight, handling, storage and container disposal costs.


• Adds color & depth to diamond-polished concrete.

• Enhances integrally colored, acid stained, color hardened or concrete colored with solvent based dyes.

• Ideal for use under C2 lithium-silicate hardeners/densifiers.

• VOC Compliant. Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Non-corrosive. Low odor. Suitable for use in occupied spaces.

• Contains no harmful acids. Will not etch polished concrete surfaces or corrode surrounding metals. No need to neutralize.

• Easy application and fast drying lets color be added and blended.

• Produces consistent gem-like color on any age concrete floor.

• Penetrates deeper than acid stains or conventional color pigments. Will not peel or flake.

• Standard colors may be intermixed to create an unlimited number of color variations.

• Additional coats may be applied to improve color depth, uniformity and intensity.

Dilution & Mixing

C2 Tint is designed for dilution with fresh water. Apply product within 24 hours of dilution.
• Mix one pre-measured bottle with 5 liters of fresh water to make ready-to-use C2 Tint
To reduce color intensity, dilute prepared C2 Tint with up to 2 parts fresh water. When desirable, C2 Tint may be diluted with acetone to produce a ready-to-use stain. Use appropriate ventilation, safety equipment and job site controls when diluting with acetone.
Blend C2 Tint colors for an unlimited range of colors.

Typical Coverage Rates
Variations in concrete quality, porosity, job site conditions, temperature and relative humidity will affect coverage rates and drying times. Calculate the target coverage rate by testing a representative section of the prepared surface using the published application instructions. Estimated Coverage Rates Coverage rate varies with concrete quality and porosity.
First Application:
• 9 – 18 m2 /L
• 400–800 ft2 / US gal
Additional Applications:
• 12 – 24 m2 /L
• 500–1000 ft2 / US gal

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