DrillDUSTER 82mm Dust Collector to capture dust when drilling

DrillDUSTER 82mm Dust Collector to capture dust when drilling

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Product Information

DrillDUSTER 82mm Dust Collector to capture dust when drilling

  • Drilling diameter up to 82mm 
  • Reliable vacuum fixation 
  • Removal of fine and larger dust particles 

Dust collector for drilling holes Drill Duster 82 is a device for collecting dust and large particles of the material when drilling with diamond core drill bits and carbide drills. Use of the device is possible only with vacuum cleaners from 1.6 kW power. The size of the mounting hole for the dust extraction hose of the vacuum cleaner is 35 mm and is fixed with a rubber ribbed seal. 
Drill Duster 82 is made of durable plastic and has double seals for strong vacuum retention on the surfaces of building materials. The device allows the use of core drill bit diameters up to 82 mm. 

If necessary, water can also be drained while drilling by using the Drill Duster 82 device.

Intended use, 

The dust extractor is designed to collect dust when drilling holes in concrete, brick, plasterboard, and other surfaces, which can be either horizontal; floors, ceiling, or vertical; walls. 

The drilling diametre is designed for up to 82mm allowing the use of a dust separator for small diametres of drills, carbide drills, and diamond and carbide drill bits.

The design of the dust extractor cover is made in such a way that it will efficiently select and control not only the fine dust, but also the larger particles and help to control them. It is possible to divert the water from the drilling zone if required.

Ensure your vacuum is running with clean filters, and has no blockages to obstruct the effectiveness of this shroud dust cover. 

Working instructions, 

  1. Connect the hose of the vacuum cleaner to the exhaust connection on the shroud 
  2. Switch on the vacuum cleaning and place the dust-extracting DrillDUSTER cover on the drilling surface so that the center of the future hole coincides with the center of the circumference of the dust-extracting cover. 
  3. Turn off the vacuum cleaner while holding the casing. 

Safety requirements 

Follow the common safety requirements during work when using handheld equipment. Ensure you use the correct PPE also. 

Control the dust, directly from its source. 

  • Works even with LOW POWER Vacuum cleaning and extraction systems
  • Full VIEW Of the cutting zone
  • Effective removal of dust and large particles

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