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DSM450 + Tromb Vacuum

DSM450 + Tromb Vacuum

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Dustless Single Phase package

Package includes:


DSM450 Schwamborn Planetary Concrete Floor Grinder

Includes a set of 9 X Diamond Knock on Grinding shoes FREE

Achieve a flatter, smoother floor, faster with the Schwamborn Planetary Grinding system of the DSM450-Gear . One of the most productive machines combining weight, power and drive.
Takes the work you do to a new level. From smaller concrete preparation projects through to heavy preparation on commercial and residential projects this machine will handle any sized job. Genuine planetary system helps to ensure the machine removes and levels any floor to perfection every time Universal applications DSM450 Schwamborn Floor Grinder runs on a Planetary drive. Being still single phase, this concrete grinder can be used for high speed floor preparation at any jobsite.

  • Effective Dust Control Concrete grinding creates a lot of dust, that's why the DSM450 Schwamborn Floor Grinder has been made to control that.
  • It's floating dust skirt cover gives a tight hold against the floor surface while the grinder is operating, this ensures the dust is captured through the vacuum port at the back of the machine.
  • Stable on uneven floors surfaces. The 3 headed , Planetary grinding action means the DSM450 will give more production across any floor surface.
  • Schwamborn Planetary Grinding systems give, - a flatter , more level finish - a more consistent cut in grinding.
  • Ensures you get the maximum possible productivity through the direct driving action.
  • Each DSM450 Schwamborn Planetary Floor Grinder comes standard with a water tank which assists in the polishing process and grinding or floor preparation. Water often is used in concrete preparation to assist in the removal of tougher products or to keep the diamonds cool and help them maintain a fast , high speed cut on the concrete.
  • Easy to transport, the DSM450 Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinder can be dismantled into 2 parts for transport in any vehicle.
  • The DSM450 is compact and fits easily into any transport with its foldable handle frame.


Dustcontrol DC400L Tromb Vacuum

Includes length of Longopac 20m Continuous Bag (432177), 5m Antistatic Suction Hose Ø50mm, Floor Nozzle (7238), Suction Pipe (7265), Polyester Fine Filter (44017) and HEPA h23 Filter

Feel the power of the Tromb 400 Dustcontrol Vacuum.

DC400L Tromb Vacuum,Single phase ?H? class twin motor 3000 watt - power pack dust extractor,most popular on single phase and the smallest three phase machines, Feel the power of the Tromb 400 Dust control Vacuum.

  • Tackles up to 400 m3/h
  • Handles all kinds of fine dusts and materials created on construction sites as well as dust from many other industrial factory processes
  • Equipped with a patented self-cleaning filter (washable polyester) and a h23-filter
  • Compact and robust - easy to move and transport
  • Signal lamp showing when it's time to clean the filter
  • puncture proof wheels of ?non marking-type?, lockable to enable the user to work on uneven ground
  • H Class and equipped with a fine filter and a HEPA filter (h23) that clean the exhaust air to 99.9995%.

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