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DSM650S + Storm 500 + 25m and 15m Leads

DSM650S + Storm 500 + 25m and 15m Leads

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High Speed, High Performance Dustless Three phase Grinder package

Package Includes

Schwamborn DSM650S Planetary Concrete Floor Grinder

Suited for high-speed coating removal, grinding, preparation through to polishing and finishing of concrete, industrial, and natural stone floors. Also suited to resurfacing and buffing on timber floors. The most popular concrete floor grinder in the three-phase range boasts the highest possible production, faster removal of glues, paints or coatings and an effective machine to use. No matter how imperfect your floor is when you begin this workhorse machine gets the perfect finish on any concrete floor. High production, Built with ergonomics in mind making it easier to transport and operate on-site. Faster, easier floor preparation, levelling, and polishing with a High-Performance three-phase motor and planetary grinding heads Economical to run.

With a wide range of Knock-on diamond tooling the DSM650 Schwamborn Planetary Floor Grinder is a stable machine to operate and has the weight dispersed in the right areas to get the floor exactly how you want it. Three phase power GREATER PRODUCTION PER HOUR.

Schwamborn Grinders are designed to give even grinding pressure meaning maximum life out of your diamond knock-on shoes.

  • Diamond Floating Device
  • Speed Control allows you to alternate the speed depending on your project and between stages of glue removal, concrete floor grinding, or applications where you are polishing concrete, stone, or tiles.
  • Knock on Diamond Shoe Exchange, through easy tool change plates
  • Less operator fatigue BALANCED OPERATION & LOW VIBRATION
  • Floating dust shroud gives and EFFECTIVE DUST CONTROL
  • Multiple handle positions making the unit ergonical and user friendly.

Dustcontrol STORM 500 Vacuum setup

Get rid of large quantites of concrete dust.

The DC Storm 500 has a three-phase direct driven turbo pump that is suitable for continuous operation and heavy material transport, source extraction and cleaning. Several improvements have incorporated in it:

  • a new efficient semi-automatic filter cleaning system
  • for easier transportation it has handles both front and rear and the cyclone can be tilted
  • for better ergonomic the handles are adjustable and the cyclone can be tilted for easier filter exchange
  • equipped with Longopac Vacuum Bag system (DC Storm 500L)
  • a new more efficient filter with a larger filter area

Our three-phase dust extractors are used for heavy materials where high pressure is required. The vacuum producer is a turbo pump, directly driven by a three-phase motor. Our dependable turbo machines have minimal service requirements and a long life. The characteristic performance of the turbo pump is well suited for heavy cleaning and material transport. The turbo motor generates more vacuum when the resistance increases.

The standard DC Storm 500c is used for big hand held power tools and heavy duty cleaning on construction sites. The dust extractor is suitable for two smaller handheld power tools or one larger tool, such as a floor grinder, with a disk of up to 30?/750 mm. The DC Storm 500a and L are similar to the DC Storm 500c except that they are equipped with a steel container (a) or Longopac (L).

Finance this kit

Being the 2nd size up in the Three phase Grinding machine options the DSM650s Schwamborn Planetary Concrete Floor Grinders are by far the most popular three phase machine. With a combined weight, speed, and power the machine has the ability to cut, grind, prepare and polish concrete floors faster than before.

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