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Weight - 66 lbs/30 kg

Flow at open outlet - 1850 m3/h

Pre Filter Area - 5.4ft2/ 0.5m2

HEPA Filter Area - 107ft2 / 10m2

ECO-fan, 230 V - 595 W

Sound level 230 V - 60-68 dB (A)

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Product Information

Dustcontrol Air Cleaner AC2000 

The MOST POWERFUL Air Cleaner on the market for controlling airborne dust from job sites, allowing you to control dust and airborne particles from larger areas.

Silica Dust particles are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye, yet they cause major damage when they find their way far down into the lungs. One example is Silica Dust, which is spread when working with concrete, brick, plaster, and mortar.

Built Tough

  • Effectively controls airborne and surface dust onsite 
  • Works alongside current on-tool dust extraction on your handheld or stand-up power tools or construction sites 
  • Heavy Duty Transport wheels allow you to transport and maneuver the unit around the site effortlessly.
  • Built robust with a stainless-steel chassis   
  • Encapsulated fan housing contains a radial blower-type fan that builds up high pressure across its entire flow range, which provides effective air cleaning for the entire lifetime of the filter.

Warning Lights

  • Integrated light indicates when the filters need replacing for fuss-free maintenance.

High Efficiency Filters with 2 stage filtration

  • High effective ECO-fan with less energy consumption
  • Low sound level
  • Washable Stainless Steel filter housing
  • Easy change of filters

Variable Speed.

  • Variable speed setting to save energy when less dust is being generated.
  • This setting is frequently used by contractors to leave the machine running overnight and collect any airborne dust still present to make the cleanup process quick and easy!

The Dustcontrol Air Scrubber AC2000 is a robust air cleaner with ECO-fan and a capacity of 1850 m3/h which makes it our most powerful single-phase air cleaner. It is also equipped with variable speed transmission to save energy, e.g. at night.

It has a 0.5 m2 pre-filter and a HEPA filter of 10m2 cleaning the air from particles very effectively. A filter indication lamp lights when it's time to change the filter.

The air exhaust is directed upwards to prevent dust to whirl up from the floor. The Dustcontrol Air Scrubber AC2000 can be positioned horizontally flat on the floor, with the exhaust then pointing to the side. With its ergonomic design, it is easy to carry and transport. It is also prepared to connect to an exhaust hose without a reduction in performance.

Dustcontrol Air Cleaners 

There is an extremely simple way of decreasing dust in a working environment. The Dustcontrol Air Cleaners are designed to improve the general site air quality and as a complement to source extraction.

  • Hook it up to electricity and have it cleaned the air, day and night.
  • Air is filtrated continuously by the large area filter.
  • Control the dust right from its source through a dust shroud/vacuum system where you can capture the dust in the bag and not be exposed to it when emptying
  • Have a secondary dust control solution for capturing airborne dust / the dust you cannot see through the Air Cleaner. These also work to replace fans/blowers which tend to redirect the hazard away.
  • Safer, cleaner, smarter onsite that you can then promote to your clients what measures you have in place.

The Dustcontrol Air Cleaners are suitable for many applications. By circulating the air through a highly efficient filter, the air in the room is cleaned by removing the hazardous airborne dust that is harmful to health. The most dangerous particles are those that are so small that they are invisible to the eye.

Dustcontrol Air Scrubbers are designed to separate fine and hazardous dust. An example of such particulate could be quartz dust, which is found in concrete, brick, grout, and mortar. When hammering, wall grinding, concrete grinding, demolition work, kitchen and bathroom renovations, and general construction, the Air Scrubber is the best solution.


Compare the models 

Technical Data  Dustcontrol Air Cleaner DC500 Dustcontrol Air Cleaner DC1200 Dustcontrol Air Cleaner DC2000
H x W x L  38 x 35 x 50 cm 86 x 43 x 55 cm  102 x 56 x 70 cm
Weight  13kgs 23kgs 30kgs
Inlet Size  38 x 34 cm  25 cm  31.5 cm
Outlet Size  12.5 cm 31.5 cm 31.5 cm
Power Consumption 
210 W 385 W 585 W
Flow at Open Inlet, max* 500m3/h 1060m3/h 1850m3/h
Prefilter area **  0.18m3  0.5m3 0.5m3
HEPA Filter Area  4.56m2 5m2 10m2
Filter Class  H13  H13 H13
Sound Level  45-65db (A) 60-68db (A) 60-68db (A)


Struggling with controlling airborne dust onsite? 

Our specialist team is here to help ensure you can effectively meet the requirements coming into place for Silica Dust in the construction and flooring industry.

Call the team at All Preparation Equipment on 1800 422 992 to discuss your project requirements further.

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