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Grey Diamond Grinding Shoes are made of Very Soft bond. Our Grey diamond segments are best designed for;

  • Removal of non-sand-filled epoxy floor coatings
  • Fast grinding and preparation on harder concrete floors
  • Effective in the removal of glues, paint, adhesives, and coatings
  • 150 grit diamonds are best for grouting on polished concrete floors.

Economical Diamonds

  • Great wear life
  • Works great on single and three-phase grinders
  • The high volume of diamonds in each segment
  • Softer bonds (grey and purple diamonds) have a single oval-shaped segment instead of the coffin shape.

Knock-On diamond shoes connect to Schwamborn grinders with the simple knock-on, knock off system. Being fast and easy to change, our Knock-On grinding attachments give superior cutting speed and long life.

  • Higher production Schwamborn grinders coupled with thicker diamond shoes - gets you further faster.
  • Longer life
  • Extremely aggressive cutting speed
  • No glazing - ensures fast removal performance.
  • Available in wide range of bonds for EVERY surface application

Available in a wide range of bonds for EVERY surface application.

Time is money, for this reason, the simple Knock-on diamond shoe system is designed for easy tooling exchange.

Need help on the best diamond for your job? 
Do you want to discuss your project further? Call one of our experienced team on 1800 422 992 to find the best diamond grinding shoe to suit your floor grinder and project. 

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