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Slider45 Tile Cutter to cut tiles at 45 degree angles and mitre with ease

Slider45 Tile Cutter to cut tiles at 45 degree angles and mitre with ease

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Slider45 Tile Cutter to cut tiles at 45 degree angles with ease

A 45 degree angle joint has better aesthetic appearance compared to direct joint and joint covered with different types of shapes, hence the 45 degree angle is becoming more and more popular during the tile laying process. 

The 45 degree type of connection has a high aesthetic appearance, in contrast to the direct joint and the joint closed by various profiles. However, sanding tiles at 45 degrees is a rather time-consuming process. The process demands high proficiency of the work, as 45 degree angle tile undercutting is labor intensive, usually cut on table saws with water coolant or manually with an angle grinder and finished with polishing pads. 

 It is performed either on wet tile-cutting machines, or manually on angle grinders with polishing wheels. In addition, this requires highly qualified work. 

Attach a Slider45 Tile Cutter to your 125mm (5") Grinder and cutting tiles at 45 degrees has now become easier than ever!

  • Made for cutting of ceramic tile, granite, marble with angle 45 degrees

  • Adjustable miter cutting size

  • Fluoroplastic sleeves allow the Slider to easily glide over the tile without scratching its surface

  • Good cutting area overview

  • Easily installed on the regular casings of 125mm (5") hand grinders - Thanks to a special patented mounting system, the Slider fits 95% of all angle grinders on the market!

  • The nozzle can be quickly removed for conventional cuts and also quickly installed for burrs

Installation on the Angle Grinder 

  • Restrain the edges of the standard angel grinder cover to the thrusts slider

  • Install the clamps on the studs of the slider, clutching the standard angle grinder cover. 

  • Tighten the clamps with the wing screws, ensuring that the position of the slider is symmetrical relative to the disc. 

  • Set angle grinder grip into the nut (M8 or M10) of the slider. The slider is installed. 

Be sure to check out the metal pipe attachment which will connect to the Slider45 Tile Cutter to control dust from the source -

 Control dust, directly from its source.

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