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Tenax Universal Colour For Epoxy and Polyester glues 75ml White

Tenax Universal Colour For Epoxy and Polyester glues 75ml White

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Tenax Universal Colour - WHITE - 75mL 

Our white Tenax Universal Colour was made to offer one solution for all your epoxy and polyester adhesive needs.

Our brilliant colours can be installed by themselves or mix multiple colours to create the perfect colour match glue for your stone application.

Indoor and Outdoor use

What makes Tenax Universal Colors different from other colours on the market?

  • Our Tenax Universal Colour tubes can be used with any adhesive: Polyesters, Epoxies, and Acrylics.
  • Indoor and Outdoor: Tenax Universal Colors are UV stable. Therefore, use them wherever you want!
  • Perfect consistency to mix into the adhesive. Not too runny and not too thick. The glue will quickly absorb the colours and blend in perfectly.
  • Twist-lock spill-proof cap. Tenax searched for a lid that would not pop open in the toolbox on the truck and spill out everywhere. Also, we didn't want the colours to dry out in the shop either. So, the spillproof twist-lock cap quickly screws on, makes a tight seal, and will not come off unless you want it off.
  • Easy Squeeze Bottles. The bottles were also carefully chosen. Having a soft bottle to squeeze out just the right amount of colour is what we were looking for. We found it. A soft, pliable, yet durable bottle is what every colour is poured into. Trust us. You will like it!
  • Perfect Drop Nozzle. We all know how little colour you have to use to mix the glue to the right tint. The tip of a razor blade can sometimes tint the whole cup! So why use more than you need to? That's what we thought too. So, the nozzle is just the right size to squeeze out as little as a drop of colour. This results in savings of almost 50% in colour over the other colours on the market. That means you can go twice as long before having to buy more—time, money, convenience.

On a side note: If Tenax puts this much thought into the Universal Colors, can you imagine how much time, effort, concern, and thought goes into the Tenax glue you will use these colours with.

Add the Universal Colour to the glue to reach the desired hue. Different colours can be used to achieve the desired shade. Do not exceed the maximum amount of 2-3% in weight. Doing so may affect the quality of the glue.

This product will last at least 12 months if kept between 65° and 77°. Keep away from heat, humidity and sunlight.

All Preparation Equipment stocks a range of Tenax patch, repair and rectification products. Shop the range online or call our team direct on 1800 422 992 to discuss your project requirement. 


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