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SCABBLING HAMMERS Trelawny single and triple-head Scabbling Hammers, in several distinct versions, are ideal tools to compliment needle scalers in more demanding applications for surface preparation. Heavy-duty scabblers, with one-piece pistons have proven to be the choice for fracturing. thicker, tough-to-remove materials and concrete dressing.

The Trelawny Triple Head Scabblers can be converted to an in-line or straight configuration for hard-to-reach areas by simply exchanging the side handle with the main handle. All Trelawny Scabbling Hammers can be fitted with an optional vacuum shroud for dust-free working. Trelawny Scabbling Hammers have interchangeable heads for various applications.

Fitted with replaceable Tungsten Carbide tipped taper fit heads, the Scabbling Hammer becomes a scaling hammer for use on steel surfaces (see Scalers, Scaling Hammers in this section). Scabbling Hammers use a single piece Tungsten Carbide tipped head/piston combination for the preparation of concrete surfaces. There are 2 versions of these heads available, Tungsten Carbide tipped cruciform heads (standard) which are for use in texturing and roughening of concrete and Tungsten Carbide tipped bush hammerheads (optional) for use in laitance removal and exposing the aggregate in concrete.


The LPS55 is a powerful long-reach scabbler for vertically preparing hard-to-reach areas.

At 1.4 metres in length, it allows scabbling below the reinforcement bar.

The powerful blows quickly remove concrete without damaging the underlying substrate.


  • Replaceable pin fit carbide scabbling heads
  • Long handle for extended reach into inaccessible areas
  • The angled air inlet directs the hose away from the operator
  • Handguard to protect the operator


  • Heavy scabbling of hard-to-access areas such as below re-inforcement bars and between shuttering
  • Scabbling of corners, edges, and joints
  • Fast removal of material
  • Aggressive keying without damaging the substrate

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