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Viroseal Water Based Penetrating Sealer - 200L

Viroseal Water Based Penetrating Sealer 200 Litre Drum

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Product Information

Viroseal clear urethane concrete sealer (1x200 Litre)

Description and Benefits:

Viroseal is a water-born aliphatic urethane penetrating sealant that outperforms the normal solvent systems in areas of chemical resistance, wear, heat block, elasticity and UV resistance.

  • Environmentally friendly - it exceeds the green building council of Australia's specifications.
  • Single pack - use direct from container (no mixing).
  • Resistant to UV and non-yellowing.
  • Hard wearing and long life - it penetrates into the surface to seal.
  • Non-milking - it will dry clear.
  • Able to be applied to "damp" surfaces.
  • Able to adhere to bonding products such as line marking.

Chemical resistance:

Viroseal is 100% resistant to all inorganic chemicals including hydrochloric and sulphuric acids, minerals, oils, caustic, alcohols, petroleums and solvents. It also has very good resistance to organics, including formic, lactic and acetic (1 hour immersion) acids.

Specifying and supply:

Viroseal is applied at a rate of 1litre/8-12m2 per coat, in accordance with the manufacture's instructions.

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