Collection: Air Purifiers


Industrial air purifiers, air scrubbers and air cleaners are being widely used across the construction industry to help control concrete, construction and building dust onsite. Dangerous airborne particles, including silica dust in construction sites, can be encountered in the course of routine work. To protect your team against such particles, you should utilise commercial air purifiers with a HEPA H13 filter, with a degree of separation of not less than 99.9995%. Shop the range of Dustcontrol Air Scrubbers online with each model designed to suit specific project sizes based on the cubic metre in the room. Talk with our team to find out how H Class construction air scrubbers can help make your site cleaner, safer & smarter.

Anyone working in the surface and floor preparation industry knows all too well how much their tools and machines produce airborne dust. This potential health hazard is why All Preparation Equipment has made it easier for you to acquire your own industrial air cleaner and air purifying system for your site.

We proudly carry several air purifier options from Dustcontrol, renowned for its excellence in manufacturing dust extraction systems. For more than 40 years now, the company’s primary goal has been to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for mitigating airborne contamination in industrial, commercial, and construction settings.

Dustcontrol is represented in more than 20 countries, and All Preparation Equipment has made them available for the Australian floor and surface preparation industry. We have several portable units for you to choose from to accommodate varying requirements. You can also rest assured that our Dustcontrol Air Cleaners are fitted with HEPA H13 filters which can efficiently capture the smallest particles.

These powerful air purification units are not limited to servicing the construction industry. These machines are highly effective in purifying the air where ventilation and exhausts are critical, such as medical facilities, bakeries, carpentry shops and wherever else you need clean air ensured.

We have the Dustrcontrol Air Cleaner 500, the Dustcontrol Air Cleaner 1200 and the Dustcontrol Air Cleaner 2000. Please feel free to speak with our expert team for advice on choosing the best model for your specific requirements.

To complement and complete the air purification system of your worksite, you can turn to us for a complete range of flexible ducting systems so you can efficiently pump fresh air into your worksite and blow contaminated air away from your team.

We have also made it easy to prolong the serviceable life of the air filters we provide with easily accessible replacement filters and lifetime support services. Trust All Preparation Equipment to supply your air filtration system. We offer same-day dispatch services, lifetime support, and impeccable customer service. Get in touch with us today to discuss your dust control requirements for your project.