Collection: Concrete Floor Grinders

Our concrete floor grinder machines are designed to make your job easier and more efficient. They can be used in a number of construction projects, including removing old coatings, grinding off glue and adhesives, and preparing floor surfaces prior to laying or for floor concrete polisher.
Whatever you need to be done on your concrete floor surface - we have the right concrete polishers, concrete grinders, and concrete sanding machines for you.


All Preparation Equipment offers a wide selection of concrete grinders to choose from. And we’ve made it a point to source makes and models from one of the industry’s most reputable suppliers.

Schwamborn has more than 80 years of experience perfecting the manufacturing of high-quality building machinery. Backed by German engineering and innovation, the company has been at the forefront of providing practical and reliable solutions for professional grinding, trowelling, milling and cleaning demands.

Whenever you’re in the market for a concrete grinder or concrete polishing machine that can keep up with your demand for concrete preparation, including working on screed and stone floors, removing glues and adhesives, levelling coating, fillers and uneven floors, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

Using these machines in your worksite will have you enjoying the benefits of their practical innovation. From built-in dustless grinding shrouds and water tanks to swivelling heads, edge grinding, adjustable handles and variable speeds, all your problems have been solved even before they arise.

Our concrete grinder catalogue includes Schwamborn planetary floor grinders, variable speed concrete grinders, concrete finishing machines, concrete surfacing grinder and edgers. We also carry the Schwamborn petrol version grinder for those worksites with challenging power sources, so you can continue with your work regardless of where you are. In the case of power failure, the petrol-run grinder will continue finishing your tasks without compromise.

You’d also be pleased to know that we also distribute the Schwamborn remote-controlled floor grinder. This intelligent innovation allows the operator to back away from the machine where the most airborne contaminants are produced.

You’d also be pleased to know that when you purchase your Schwamborn concrete floor grinders from All Preparation Equipment, not only will you be getting the benefits of German engineering but genuine support from a proudly Australian supplier as well.

Whenever you're looking for a floor grinder, a concrete polisher, a concrete sander, a straight grinder, or a concrete grinder for sale, you can always turn to us. We're more than confident that we can supply you with a concrete grinding machine most suitable for your job.

From free lollies and lifetime support to same-day order dispatch and 24/7 customer service, All Preparation Equipment will always have your best interests in mind. Please feel free to contact us and ask about our concrete polishers and concrete grinders for sale.