Collection: Extension Leads

The important decision to consider in which extension lead to use comes down to the thickness of copper. How thick the copper is will depend on how much power (amperage) can be drawn through from the power supply to the machine. For example, most extension leads have a 1.5mm2 core meaning they cannot always draw as much power as your machine requires. This is why we recommend for any single-phase concrete grinder/vacuum/scarifier/shot blaster machine to set up with our 2.5mm2 or 4.0mm2 Heavy Duty Extension leads to meet the requirement of power and production you need.

If your machine is having trouble running, tripping in and out or overheating the electrical leads may be the issue. Talk to our team about a Heavy Duty extension lead to work for you.


At All Preparation Equipment, our extension leads for sale are engineered with high-quality flex and screw-type connections to withstand the most demanding tasks. Featuring oversized conductors, our power leads prevent motors from burning out, which translates to uninterrupted productivity. Regardless of if your machine draws a substantial amount of power, you’ll never have trouble with overload, tripping or excessive temperatures.

By including these heavy-duty electric cable sets in your equipment, you’ll experience a significant decrease in power-related issues and enjoy continuous productivity. For hire companies, this can only mean fewer callouts and increased customer satisfaction.

Our Extension Leads Feature:

  • Rubber Flex
  • Screw Type Connectors
  • Available in Different Lengths
  • Available in Single and Three-Phase
  • Customisable Upon Request

These extension leads are manufactured from top-quality rubber to ensure flexibility and durability for rugged site conditions. And with any machine that draws a lot of power, there is a pressing risk of voltage loss along power cords, which can significantly impact its performance and reliability.



Keeping the length of an extension lead to an ideal measure will ensure that there will be enough copper to carry the voltage to the distance but not too much that it may experience voltage loss from the unnecessary range.

Each machine has a certain number of volts available. If you’re drawing power from a lead that can’t supply the machine’s requirements, you will make the machine run at a lower voltage—and the load will sit higher than the maximum capacity that the device can take.

Using the right extension lead is essential for the reliability and performance of your equipment. This practice will keep your machines from experiencing breakdowns from power overloads or capacitor burnouts.



 Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance in choosing the appropriate heavy-duty electrical cable for your equipment or if you need a waterproof extension lead.