Collection: Maintenance

All Preparation Equipment supplies a comprehensive range of Polished Concrete Floor Cleaning products to residential and commercial projects alike. To ensure your floor stays looking as good as it does the day of handover, it's critical the right maintenance is made to it. Not sure what the right cleaner is to use for your projects? Then you can trust the C2 Range of polished concrete floor cleaning and maintenance products. These are designed to make concrete floors last a lifetime, keeping them looking as great as the day they were completed. Shop the range of C2 Clean, C2 Maintenance and other solutions for polished concrete floors below:

If you want to learn more information about cleaning and maintenance, then read the Blog on Cleaning & Maintenance of Polished Concrete Floors. 

When considering cleaners, pH level is a crucial factor in maintaining your investment.

The pH level of concrete is essential, in the range of 9 - 11. Therefore, regular use of a typical “pH neutral” cleaner (pH 7) will slowly etch the surface, as it is more acidic than the natural pH of concrete.

Our C2 Cleaners are specifically formulated to be balanced with the pH of concrete, making them the safest choice for maintaining your surface. Regular upkeep on C² floors will extend the lifetime of the concrete, reducing the costs of re-treatment.

Furthermore, C² Maintenance is the only product on the market today that is specially formulated with lithium to conserve concrete surfaces.

A commitment to service and Maintenance is significant in protecting your investment and the best method to increase the surface’s longevity.

Refer to our Polished Concrete Floor Cleaning Guide used by contractors, home owners, businesses and property managers alike as an easy to understand guide on 'How to clean and maintain your mechanically polished concrete floor.'